My experience in communications and my future plan

1.What has been your past experience in communications/media either in school or professionally?

I used to be an announcer in high school. My partner and I were on duty in Friday. Our work is about interpreting and playing some wonderful songs, which can release other students’ pressure. I love this work. No matter how busy I was, I tried my best to prepare speech drafts and find fair-sounding songs.


When I studied in Lu Dong University, our school had a cooperative project with University of Bridgeport. I participated in the project and learnt three courses which are related to communication. They respectively are Communication Theory, Advanced Intercultural communication and Media Law. I learnt a lot from these courses. Therefore, I planned to go abroad to start my Master’s Degree in University of Bridgeport about Global Media.

2.What are you hoping to do when you get out of school?

I expect to be a compere. That’s my dream since I was a middle school student. I will spare no efforts to become a compere. Firstly, I should try my best to speak sentences as fluency as possible when I am confront with the public. Secondly, it’s very significant to practice the response to difficult questions in a short period of time. Finally, I should learn how to control the atmosphere in different situations. Only if I improve myself increasingly, I will get the opportunities to be a compere.

3.Where are you from and do you plan to return there after school?

I come from Jilin province, the northeast part of China, where the four seasons are distinctive. In winter, the snowfall is extremely huge. There is a beautiful scene named soft rime. It’s one of China’s four natural wonders.

I intend to go back to my hometown after I graduate from University of Bridgeport, because I love my hometown. There are myriads of my memories there. What’s more, my parents are there, I’m not willing to separate from them. I hope that I can find a job in my hometown in the future. Even if I have my own family, I can live in the same city as my parents.