The Most Fun Assignment I’ve Had.

Part 1.

1. Tell us abut your experience using ZapparDetail creating the Zapcode and Zap!-tache.

Last week’s Wednesday was my first time to use Zappar. It was really interesting. After I finished editing the Zapword, just used Zappar to scan the Zapcode, the content of my Zapword was appeared. It was an amazing experience, which sounds like magic. The most interesting thing was Zap-tache. I sticked a small piece of paper with the shape of mustache on my face, between my nose and my mouth. After I scanned my face, a mustache appeared on the screen which looks like a real one. It was a fantastic experience to learn new things and have fun.

2. Browse some of the Zapsvia the menu and get at least two (2) to work by finding the picture on the web so you can zap it. Which ones worked out for you and what does it do when interact with it successfully? In cases where you can record a photo or video, do so and include with your post.

These two pieces of work worked out for me:

  • Browse Zaps ==> A-Z ==> Harry Potter ==>Undesirable No.1
  • Browse Zaps ==> Advertising ==> HeyBigFish

1) A video of Harry Potter showed up with music which made me feel mysterious when interacted with the APP successfully. After that, I could take a photo of the T-shirt with Harry Potter and white words and black background.



2) A video of a big fish appeared with music. After the video finished, I could click the button and took a photo with a fish. I can choose different kinds of fish and change the position of the fish. What’s more, I can type my name on it.



3. If UB was to use a Zapcode for its print marketing brochures to prospective students, what would you suggest? On what kinds of pictures or pages would the Zapcode appear and what would it unleash when interacted with?

Some pictures and photo albums show the beautiful scenes of our school. Videos shot at different places in UB can also express the diversity of students’ lives. The school song, Happy, is a great choice. The most significant one is the contact information of ISS. It can help new students to familiar with our school. The web link and events of every week would let students know a lot about our school. Therefore, these items are important. All the contents of the Zapcode would be appeared. The content would be as same as the time people edit it. It’s convenient and all the students would like it.


Part 2.

My Zapcode:



Part 3:


My selfie with a mustache ^_^



Part 4:


1) Under Quiver Education Topic ==> Murphy and Friends Games


2) Under the Quiver Topic ==> Leo’s Colorful World


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