The 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein’s After Auschwitz






“I thought no one would even read the book,”

“I’m deeply moved my book still has an audience and the university that is most important to me is going to commemorate  its 50th anniversary.”

                                                                                     –Richard L. Rubenstein


“The notion that theologians lead uninteresting lives couldn’t be further from the truth.”                                                                                                                                                                                          –Richard L. Rubenstein




Lots of people attended this event. After Auschwitz is an extraordinary famous book. One of my friends, Jing, participated to this anniversary with me when she heard that it was an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein’s After Auschwitz.

I love the voice of Kimberly. It’s clear and fair-sounding.

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein graduated from Harvard University, which surprised me a lot. I consider that I have no chance and ability to go to Harvard University, but I still need to improve myself continually. Never give up.

Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein is an old but intelligent gentleman. Although sometimes he cannot remember what he wanted to say, he is still respectable for his contribution to Holocaust and genocide studies.


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