My Home City

My Home City

I’m from Songyuan City, Jilin Province, located in the northeast part of China and in the beautiful banks of the Songhua river with abundant natural resources and fabulous scenery.  It’s a district where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish.

With the development of economy, Songyuan City ranked third in Jilin Province. Furthmore, it was granted the honor as one of the ten most charming cities in the northeast part of China. Mentioning Songyuan City, the culture and the places of interest should never be forgotten.

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    The Songhua River

A famous river divides Songyuan into the north and the south part, along its bank forming two amazing riverside parks. That is the Mother River of Jilin Province-Songhua River.

Songhua River, ranks the fifth longest river in China, runs about 1897 kilometers long and covers a drainage area of 545,600 square kilometers. The source of the river is a crater lake called Heavenly Lake with an elevation of 2189 meters at the top of the Changbai Mountain. This river confers resources and wonderful scenes to located people. Fish, drinking water, water for irrigation, and different scenes in different seasons.

The Songhua River in winter is much more alive than a summer bathing beach. It’s frozen hard with ice which thickness nearly one meter, turning it into a huge playground for a myriad of ice sports.

You can go skating and ice sailing, ride in ice vehicles and play ice skates. But if you want to do something really different, you can get into a swimming costume and join those enthusiastic people, young and old, diving and swimming in a pool of icy water dug out of the frozen river.


Songhua River          

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One of the most beautiful scene in Jilin Province is the trees covers in rime.

 “The trees covers in rime is one of the most fabulous scenes in the world.”

– Mayor of Jilin Province, Zhang, Huanqiu.

There are eight famous cities to see this grand scene:

  • Jilin City
  • Songyuan City
  • Siping City
  • Haerbin City
  • Mudanjiang City
  • Jiamusi City
  • Changchun City
  • Changshan City

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                                                                          Baerda Park

Baerda Park (also named Narenhan Park),  is one of the ten theme parks of Songyuan City. Planted are plenty of rare trees with decades of years, or even hundreds of years.

It is divided into four districts, they are exercise and fitness, historical and cultural, rest and leisure and entertainment for children. The function of this park is to protect the environment, and let people learn our own history and culture. This park creates a harmonious public place with culture, entertainment, exercise, travel and leisure.

“Our theme parks remind us that we should remember our own history and culture.”

– Director of Education Department, Dong, Xianqiang.


Badaer Park (Narenhan Park)


Longhua Temple

Longhua Temple, located in Forest Park, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City, Jilin Province, near to Songhua River, is the biggest temple in Asia. It started to be built in 1992, and extended increasingly these years. It has one kind of unique human landscape and tourist attraction.

There are thousands of people who go to the temple to worship each Buddha and appreciate extremely grand scenes everyday. Therefore, it turns into one of the most significant places to communicate the culture of Buddhism. What’s more, people come to here to pursue peace and quiet.

Longhua Temple

“Longhua Temple is a kind of symbol of culture. We should protect it and improve it.”

-Director of Cultural Association, Liu, Haoran

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Timeline: The Construction of Songyuan City





Songyuan City is an energetic city with profound culture and fabulous scenes. The places of interest elaborate its culture deeply and also demonstrate its own beauty. As the economy developed, it’s infrastructure has improved.


“All of the citizens love their own city.”

-Previous Mayor, Li, Xiangguo

I hope that the future of my home city will be more prosperous.


Places I LOVE in China


Places I love in China

As a Chinese, I’m proud of the natural scenes in my country. I collect 6 pictures to show the places where I love the most in China. Each picture represents one place. They are Great Wall of China, West Lake, Jiuzhaigou, Penglai Paviolin, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park and Taishan Mountain respectively. I went these places at different times, but I have the same feeling that the scenes are extremely wonderful. When I travelled to these places, I even didn’t want to leave. It makes me feel happy when traveling. I hope that I have opportunities to travel the world. That will be one of the most significant and meaningful thing in my life.

My experience in communications and my future plan

1.What has been your past experience in communications/media either in school or professionally?

I used to be an announcer in high school. My partner and I were on duty in Friday. Our work is about interpreting and playing some wonderful songs, which can release other students’ pressure. I love this work. No matter how busy I was, I tried my best to prepare speech drafts and find fair-sounding songs.


When I studied in Lu Dong University, our school had a cooperative project with University of Bridgeport. I participated in the project and learnt three courses which are related to communication. They respectively are Communication Theory, Advanced Intercultural communication and Media Law. I learnt a lot from these courses. Therefore, I planned to go abroad to start my Master’s Degree in University of Bridgeport about Global Media.

2.What are you hoping to do when you get out of school?

I expect to be a compere. That’s my dream since I was a middle school student. I will spare no efforts to become a compere. Firstly, I should try my best to speak sentences as fluency as possible when I am confront with the public. Secondly, it’s very significant to practice the response to difficult questions in a short period of time. Finally, I should learn how to control the atmosphere in different situations. Only if I improve myself increasingly, I will get the opportunities to be a compere.

3.Where are you from and do you plan to return there after school?

I come from Jilin province, the northeast part of China, where the four seasons are distinctive. In winter, the snowfall is extremely huge. There is a beautiful scene named soft rime. It’s one of China’s four natural wonders.

I intend to go back to my hometown after I graduate from University of Bridgeport, because I love my hometown. There are myriads of my memories there. What’s more, my parents are there, I’m not willing to separate from them. I hope that I can find a job in my hometown in the future. Even if I have my own family, I can live in the same city as my parents.